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Honor the fallen by caring for the soul within the warrior

Caring for the
soul within the warrior.


Our Mission

To provide our Nation’s military with the most advanced holistic healing practices, optimizing their physical and emotional wellness long-term.


Better options for Service Members to sustain their mind, body, and soul.


Our Team

Freed-OM Holistic is comprised of Special Operations Veterans and current Active Duty service members who have first-hand experience in dealing with severe injuries sustained while in training and direct combat.

Committed to bringing holistic health practices right to your fingertips. 




Sara Lee

There was a period in my life where I felt like I was just floating through. I was merely going through the motions searching for something to ground me back in the real world, provide purpose. The clarity I was missing came to me in the most unexpected way. I was at the first Freed-OM Festival in 2015, laying on the grass, breathing in the scent of the pine trees, listening to Dan Nevins guide the hundred or so of us through his practice. It was through yoga, meditation, and community that I was able to let go of the turmoil. I found the peace to let go of what was past and no longer within my control. More importantly, I found the strength to embrace the present and allow myself to move forward. I am forever grateful for this moment and the direction it set my life on. 


Doug Kiesewetter

Yoga and meditation have saved my life. As a soldier and entrepreneur, I pretty much lived in a state of constant stress with very few avenues to decompress. I did what most Special Forces guys do when they are stressed: I worked out more, shot guns more, and drank more. None of these things reduced my stress, in fact they compounded the root issues. When I gave my Yoga practice a chance I suddenly discovered time to clear my mind, focus on healthy relaxation, and approach my life in an intentional way that wasn’t destructive. Meditation and Yoga also encouraged me to start being more proactive in my healthcare and this led to avoiding some pretty nasty complications from toxic exposures. The idea of taking an hour out of your day two or three days a week to work on your mind-body connection may seem daunting, but I can say that it has improved my performance in every area of my life. Don’t cheat yourself out of happiness because your ego won’t allow you to spend some time in Child’s Pose… block out some mat time.  #Dieliving


Kat Harris

I am an avid yogi and retired Master Sergeant with 28yrs of Active Duty Army service. Quite the mind, calm the heart, heal the soul within. Yoga has provided me that healing. In previous years, I have been moments, minutes, and two bullets away from homicide followed by taking my own life. Two friends who cared reached to me to help. One suggested a retreat and to try yoga. Both have saved my life. Conventional medicine does not work for everyone. We can no longer treat the symptoms, the cause, we must treat the individual. Meet them where they are. Yoga and other holistic medicines are bridging that gap. Namaste.


Tony Valenzano

Yoga is a bridge to unlocking the power of mindfulness and one begins to discover their potential when the power of mindfulness is applied. When I focus on the simple and often overlooked, here and now, I find a sense of peace. Yoga served as a discovery of this, "power of the present" for me over the past three years.   

A hotheaded and judgmental young man, I joined the Army in 2001 with a sense of adventure, but I lacked the ability to settle my mind and body. I served on 13 overseas deployments over the course of my 17 years of service, and often struggled with the resulting impact on my mental and physical health. For many years, my rate of physical injury increased, I struggled with sleep, and maintained a general sense of unrest. At the suggestion of a friend, I tried a hot yoga class at a local studio. At first, I found it difficult to let go of my dubious attitude, but later discovered liberation in softening my heart to a new activity that fell well outside my comfort zone. In doing so, I became more aware of my weaknesses and accepted the effort necessary to grow as a person. After I realized that the journey to improve will never end, I accepted effort in the place of struggle. I could distill all these life altering benefits down to the practice of yoga and the resulting ability to harness mindfulness.

I hope that in sharing this brief explanation of my experience with yoga, other service members or other individuals with unique struggles will find their own bridge to mindfulness. Best wishes in your endeavors to reduce struggle and heal through focus. 


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